our solutions The VoIPMyBiz Difference

IP Desk Phone

    • No programming, simply plug the phone in to any internet connection and now your office phone can go anywhere you are.
    • Employees work from home full-time or part-time
    • Snow days are no longer an issue
    • Hire only the best no matter where they are located
    • Remote employees are now part of your business communications system

Business Class Mobility

    • Take and make calls from your cell phone, but send the caller ID info of your business desk phone
    • One phone number access for all your communication tdevices (cell phone, desk phone, home office phone, Etc.)
    • Makes it easier for your customers to get a live person, not voicemail
    • One voicemail to check
    • Transfer calls on your cell phone to other phones in your office
    • Calls on your cell phone can be recorded and automatically emailed to you when you hang up

VoiceMail to E-mail

    • Check voicemails with the same efficiency that you check emails
    • Send voicemails to anyone with an email address…attach to work orders, send as action items, etc
    • Store voicemails in your computer folders… better organization, easier to find
    • Quickly extract the important part of the voicemails, so you can move on with the action item
    • Send audio emails to clients, customers, prospects for a more personalized message

Call Record

  • Record:
    • all your calls or only some of your calls
    • all inbound/ outbound calls
    • all calls going to a certain phone or group
    • calls on your cell or home office phone
    • automatically or by the touch of a button
  • Hear how your employees communicate with your customers
  • Use for training
  • Less note taking for assigned action items
  • Email a copy of your phone conversation to parties who could not be present

IP Soft Phone

  • Your laptop becomes your business telephone
  • Same function as the phone on your desk except this one travels where ever you go
  • Cell phone coverage not good? Open your laptop and talk away
  • Business travel, vacation, snow day, home sick, maternity leave, plus many more remote scenarios where your business communications can be seamless
  • Use your Bluetooth headset, USB headset, USB Speakerphone, can all make it easy and comfortable to talk on your laptop

Meet-Me Conferencing

    • Most phone systems only do 4 to 6 party conferencing, ours does 128
    • Built in Meet Me Conference Bridge for every employee, much better than adding people to your conference manually
    • Everybody gets their own pin code for their conference bridge
    • Save $$$ and $$$$ by not having to pay a conferencing service
    • Record your conference calls for parties that could not be present
    • Save time on travel when you need to meet with a group of people


  • Inbound faxes shows up in your email, outbound faxes right from your computer
  • Go Green, less paper
  • Faxes to your email stay private, not laying on a fax machine for everyone to see (pay role records, financial statements, etc.)
  • Store your faxes on your computer electronically
  • Email faxes to multiple parties at one time

Custom Phones

  • Multiple colors
  • Not Only in Your Company Colors But With Your Logo
  • Your company logo printed on the face of the phone
  • Custom designs to match your companies branding
  • Color screen saver with your custom company logo and or message (monthly promos, new product offering, new location opening, etc.)

One-X Portal

  • Web based (Html) portal for all your business communications
  • Web Browser Based for Access From Anywhere
  • Allows you to check voicemail
  • Presence – to see who is available for all types of communication (text, chat, voice, email, etc)
  • Access from anywhere you can get on the internet
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