Use Your iPad or iPhone to Grow Your Business

Learn how you can use a tablet computer or smartphone, such as the iPhone and iPad, to grow your business with VoIP technology!

Business Collaboration

Do you want to grow your business?

Could your organization benefit by saving money? How about saving time on travel? Or making communication less of a nightmare and more manageable?

If you’re like most executives and answered “yes” to all those questions, your business would benefit from’s Business Collaboration conferencing service.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What is Business Collaboration, and why should it be important to me?”

Business Collaboration is a conferencing service which allows employees convenient access to a Conference Bridge where they can easily join conversations without disruption using their own, unique PIN code. Unlike a typical conferencing system that only allows 4-6 participants,’s tool manages 128.

The benefits of using Business Collaboration have helped grow businesses.

Business Collaboration will save your company money. Between the logistical expenses and the amount of time spent away from the office, business travel can really prohibit a business’s growth. By eliminating the need to travel for every meeting, businesses are essentially putting money back into their wallets. Business Collaboration also makes the conferencing process much more manageable. Conference calls can be recorded for those who were not present, and having individual PIN codes to join conversations saves time and offers a smooth and convenient approach to adding people.

Still not convinced that’s Business Collaboration can benefit your company and help it grow? Consider this:

Cost Reduction

  • A teleconference saves up to 98% of the costs associated with live face-to-face meetings
  • An average 5-person audio-conference can cost over $680
  • The average in-person meeting with 5 attendees is more than 7 times as expensive than a meeting conducted via audio-conference, and nearly 3 times as expensive as a video-conference

Increased Convenience and Manageability

  • A full 25% of executives at large companies say that their communications, such as voice mail, e-mail, and meetings, are nearly or completely unmanageable
  • Most phone systems can only manage conferencing between 4 to 6 parties whereas Business Collaboration can handle up to 128 different parties

If you’d like to save money and eliminate headaches, all while helping your business grow, don’t waste another day with your old conferencing system. Call today and see what Business Collaboration has to offer!

IP Desk Phone

Would you like to hire and retain top talent for less? Boost employee satisfaction by allowing them to work from home? Or, how about simply enhancing and unifying communication systems while saving money and accelerating performance?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then all you need is a basic internet connection and the IP Desk Phone from

The IP Desk Phone is the key to working where you want, while increasing performance and decreasing costs. By connecting to a broadband connection instead of a phone line, the IP Desk Phone allows users to connect to their telephone in the same way that they would connect to their computer.

Imagine a work environment where snow days are no longer an issue, where you hire only the best (regardless of where they are located) and where remote employees are an active and efficient part of your business communications system. Now imagine all of this without ever having to deal with, or worry about, programming. With an IP Desk Phone, you simply plug the phone into any internet connection and have all the capabilities of your office phone instantly from wherever you are.


Work Remotely, Improve Productivity

Did you know?

  • Polls have shown that 37% of employees would be willing to take a 10% pay cut in order to work from home or another remote location
  • Productivity increases by an average of 22% in businesses that utilize remote workers
  • Productivity improvements can save businesses $4,000 – $8,000 per telecommuter

Reduce Your Turnover, Lower Your Costs

Did you know?

  • Remote workers average 50% lower turnover than in-office workers, saving employers up to $30,000
  • Businesses can save $20,000 per year for each remote full-time employee (office space alone costs an estimated $10,000 per employee)
  • Technician programming service for Moves, Adds and Changes cost businesses an average of $100-$200 per incident

Unify Your Communications, Regardless of Location

Did you know?

  • IP Desk Phones make it easy to include remote employees within the business communications system
  • IP Desk Phones take “in-office” functionality to your home, remote site or anywhere you need to be
  • IP Desk Phones connect employees and their work wherever there is an internet connection


If your small business could benefit from lower costs and improved productivity, why waste another minute? Call today and schedule a FREE 30-minute demonstration of how our IP Desk Phone could help your company save both time and money. Call now and we’ll give you 2 Complimentary Tickets to a Colorado sports game at the meeting!

The Benefits of Call Recording

Want to generate more sales? Improve customer service? Increase profits? What if you could accomplish all three with one simple and affordable tool?

Call recording – the secret to closing more sales, improving service, and increasing profits.

Call recording is a powerful, useful and integral tool for businesses to improve customer service, provide proof of calls, and create operational efficiencies that collectively, increase overall profitability.


Decreased Liability Costs

Did You Know?

  • It costs an average of $50 to manually handle a dispute
    -15% of all invoices are disputed
    -28% of respondents have to adjust 10-50% of invoices due to disputes
  • On average, a company with $1M in revenue will pay $20,000 in annual tort costs
    -Small businesses have 69% of tort liability costs…but only 19% of business revenues

Companies using Call Recording software can quickly reduce costs and protect against increased liability imposed on businesses. Call Recording enables accountable employees to meticulously and accurately record information and keep clear proof – written and audio – of specific customer and client requests.


Optimized Training & Supervision

Did You Know?

  • Improved sales call training can lead to a 44% rise in weekly sales volume
  • Poor service causes 73% of consumers to leave

In our customer-driven society, quality customer service is virtually synonymous with profit; As such, it is mandatory. However, monitoring how employees interact with customers is a challenge faced by businesses across all industries. Call Recording offers an easy way for executives to manage, review and evaluate calls between employees and customers. The tool can also be used to simplify and standardize new-hire training. Sharing recorded calls – both good and abysmal –across management teams allows executives to continually supervise and improve employee customer service skills. Collectively, Call Recording helps companies realize and eliminate communication breakdowns responsible for poor service and improve the overall level of customer service provided by all trainees and employees.


Visible, Real-Time Sales Coaching

Did You Know?

  • Leading research shows that “sales coaching initiatives won’t succeed without visibility into specific sales coaching conversations”

Call Recording helps businesses improve the effectiveness of their sales team by providing real-time call alerts to ensure important calls are not missed and by providing remote sales reps with current promotions or new features to include in their sales pitches. Detailed prospect information from an employee’s caller ID can be recorded and directly sent to sales reps for effective tailored and targeted sales calls or meetings. Companies can measure and track the success of sales pitches or campaigns and make immediate changes and improvements to capture more sales.
If these low-cost benefits sound like something your company needs, don’t hesitate! Call and see a LIVE demo of how Call Recording can help grow your business.

Mobility-Driven Business Improvements

Do you know of a business leader today who doesn’t own a cell phone or smartphone, or an executive who can only conduct business within the office? A few decades ago you would have.

In a climate where fast-paced is too slow and spending is sensitive at best, Business Class Mobility is a competitive necessity for all SMBs. The ways in which businesses communicate and respond to customers has evolved alongside technology to become more efficient and responsive. Today, communications are instantaneous and mobile devices continue the flow of business from any location.

The business-on-the-go necessity has created an enormous need for Business Class Mobility. The tool effectively combines all communications into one mobile device creating business improvements through flexibility, productivity, and employee performance (to highlight only three).

Employees can stay connected to internal teams regardless of location and be more accessible for clients and customers by having one point of contact for all communication devices. Sales reps can receive the latest promotions and reports on-the-go to better capture the needs of their customer base. Travel, sick days, or weather conditions no longer cause work duties to stop or slow down. Business Class Mobility gives the flexibility of continuing business from any remote location.

Streamlining all communication tools into one mobile device gives employees the ability to respond and complete tasks quicker, record and proactively deliver or manage information, and collaborate with teams across office locations to solve complex problems efficiently. Providing easy access to information and processes from outside the office allows operations to continually run without disruption or delay due to time and location.

Employee Performance
Mobile collaboration tools bring internal teams and clients closer together by staying in communication from different locations or working different hours. Employees can share training presentations to new hires, record sales calls to make improvements to customer service, and respond instantly to conflicts or new sales leads. These performance metrics, and others, can be measured and tracked to consistently improve overall efficiency and best practices.

Independent improvements to each of the above metrics helps to improve business; however, streamlining collectively results in more engaged clients and responsive teams. The costs saved by removing manual processes that rely on time and location and do not allow for on-the-go business operations will more than outweigh the cost of getting Business Class Mobility. offers this business improvement tool and many others starting with plans as low as $15 per person per month. Contact a sales representative or request a free demo now to see how Business Class Mobility can improve your business!

Keys to Growing Your Business in a Down Economy

As the year comes to a close and year-end budgets are discovered, businesses of any size, across every industry, analyze reinvestment opportunities to improve operational efficiency and next quarter’s financial position.

In a down economy, wise investments to consider for your company are:
  1. Operations to improve efficiency and client relations
  2. Employee training for improvement
  3. R&D to increase the value or diversity of your product or service line

With today’s lightening speed approach to business and change, continued efficiency is standard and streamlined technology, like VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a modern solution. VoIP connects organizations telecommunications systems, improving the speed and functionality of business communications utilized across companies and industries. The usability of the technology and the quality of efficiency improvements, specifically to business communications, has made “VoIP” almost as common a verb as “Google.”

Computer Weekly contributor, Steve Broadhead, and VoIP supplier, Zultys, rationed that the VoIP technology “has progressed to the point where it is now an economically viable solution for the vast majority of businesses…” A VoIP Technology commentator agrees, “As more companies begin to implement the use of VoIP technology, the cost saving and innovative options become very attractive.”

The conveniences VoIP brings to businesses are many; perhaps most notable are the cost saving advantages and making a company easier and more reliable to do business with. VoIP service allows executives to maintain consistent communication with clients regardless of their location and without heavy expenditures.

This year-end, while analyzing reinvestment opportunities, consider communications efficiency and VoIP technology. Replace outdated and inefficient operations with easy-to-use, affordable modern communications that make your company easy to do business with.

Take the time to research why VoIP is right for your business. Visit This year, make a wise investment for your company and start improving your financial performance.

How to Pick the Right VoIP Services For Your Needs

Making VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services a part of your business communications model can save you outlandish amounts of money, but it is important that you assess what your business needs are and select the right VoIP services that will not only cut operational costs but also help improve business and grow revenue. Here are three key tips to help you find what you need in VoIP services:

1)   Identify Your Needs When businesses look to buy, researching through a sea of providers can only make the decision harder. Providers are serving the same technology, but the only difference comes to their packaging price and the quality of their service. Knowing what is right for your business communications and budget needs, makes finding a provider much easier.

2)  Know the Biz: Do Your Research Being familiar with what VoIP offers and the services that will actually help your business, will keep you from pointless spending. VoIP technology has a lot to offer, but you may not need every feature to see results and some providers will promise that you do. If you’re in the decision process to switch to VoIP: Know what’s available. Know what you need. Buy informed. To get you started, offers a free demo that explains and demonstrates VoIP services and benefits and how VoIP can help your business.

3)  Remove Cost Misconceptions A common misconception is that VoIP technology is only afforded by Big Businesses. An even more common misconception is that price reflects quality; the higher price, the higher quality.  We can proudly tell you that both are untrue. can offer plans starting at $15 a month per user. We use a variety of communication technologies (besides VoIP) to be able to control costs while delivering the applications needed to grow business and save money.  Even at that low price, quality is not reduced. can and has saved businesses up to 80% on their monthly phone bills providing them with generous revenue growth. In short, don’t be deceived. Big Business budget or not, you can have top quality, next generation technology.

Call Forwarding on Steroids…?

When I received my job offer for I noticed a monthly allowance for a cellphone. I was pretty excited about not having to pay for my cell phone anymore; until I realized that I would be giving out my number to clients. I started thinking about it and was concerned I would have to carry around two cellphones all the time. I decided to wait and see what happened with the expectations of personal cellphone uses.

When the CEO began explaining this Avaya IP Office feature called twinning, he explained it as call forwarding on steroids. I was pretty baffled as to how the heck call forwarding could be on steroids. I mean it’s a pretty simple concept. Someone calls you and it transfers to a different phone, but this was actually very different. When someone calls me it not only rings the desk phone but simultaneously rings the phone I “twin” it to. This allows me to answer it on either phone and switch phones in the middle of the conversation seamlessly. I was pretty drop jawed about this!

I still was really concerned about having to give out my phone number or if people would get it when I called them from the phone. My CEO assured me that they would not get my number if I used the call steal feature. I just kind of sat there looking at him, like what are you talking about. Turns out that there is a phone number I dial which gives me my office dial tone. So when I make a call it shows my office caller ID instead of my cellphone caller ID. Plus my work calls don’t get stuck in cellphone voicemail box, it is still put into the work voicemail box.

I thought this was a pretty neat and useful feature, but I really wasn’t sure how it would be useful to me the Director of Marketing, until one day, I found it to be very useful. Part of my Marketing duties is to plan Lunch and Learns as well as Networking events. The venue I had chosen was pretty difficult to find and I did not include a map on the invitation. Most of the people were able to make it, but some got lost and my phone began to ring off the hook. Luckily my phone was twinned and I was able to answer all of those calls and get our guests to the venue. Had I not had that feature all of those call would have gotten stuck in my voicemail back at the office and those opportunities would not have made it.

So in the end I was excited that would be paying my cellphone bill and I didn’t have to lug around another phone. I was thankful to have such a great feature through the Avaya IP Office and to be able to get all those people to the event. This has made my life much easier when I need to work from home or when I am out and about in the field.

The notebook grew legs! Saved by call record!

Everyone has that one really important notebook, pad of paper or calendar that has all of their notes and to do list written on it. I think everyone knows that if that one item went missing for even a day, business life for them might as well come to a screeching halt. I had something similar to this scenario happen to me not too long ago.

I have this little purple notebook with written on the front of it that contains my professional life. This book has every meeting’s notes, research notes and to do lists. One day my CEO and I had a very important meeting over the telephone. I had this strange and uneasy feeling in my gut. I was really afraid I was going to miss something important or he was going to talk faster than I could take notes. So I decided to hit the Avaya call record button on my telephone. In the end, I was so happy I did that.

About three days later I was leaving the office a little late and I tossed my notebook on the desk, grabbed my purse and headed out the door. The next day when I walked in I quickly realized that my VoIP notebook was missing in action. I could not find that book anywhere. I found myself instantly in mind blanking panic. I knew I had deadlines the next day and I could not remember which action items they were. I sat at my desk staring at the computer racking my brain as to how I was going to fix this dilemma of not having a clue where the heck that VoIP notebook was, when it came to me. I remembered I had hit the Avaya call record button on my phone and the call was located in my email inbox. I was able to go back and re-listen to the conversation between my CEO and I and retake my note.

After this ordeal I decided I was going to record all of my incoming and outgoing calls for reference at a later date in time. At least I would not lose those meeting notes. As for my purple notebook, I found it about 4 days later in a large binder. When I tossed it on the desk it slid in the binder and was camouflaged in the papers. I was a very happy camper to get my professional life back and it pays off sometime to have call record!!!

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