VoipMyBiz.com looks at things a little different for you company. Unlike your traditional PBX provider or a Hosted Phone System provider, our goal is to improve your business with our pairing of technology and business knowledge. We look at a traditional Business Phone System and most business owners will say it works just fine.  The fact is,  it will cost most businesses more money by leaving that old Business Phone System in place. The features VoipMyBiz.com provides to your business with have a direct POSITIVE impact your company’s financial bottom line in usually one month.

When comparing what business communication solutions to upgrade to , you have choices.  Most business owners don’t realize that VoIP , business VoIP systems, cloud telephony, hosted phone system, VoIP service providers, VoIP phone, VoIP telephone system, hosted VoIP, PBX, business phone system, cloud phone system, and  your basic phone system are not all the same.  In fact, it can be quite confusing.  Well, we made it less confusing. As an example, most Hosted Phone Systems or VoIP Phone Systems have poor call quality.  The reason is simple: they are setting up remote phone service over the internet without QOS (Quality of Service).  This will cause your calls to sound awful!  Jitter voice, delayed voice, echo voice, and dropped calls are just some of the complaints about that technology.  Since we are a premise-based solution we can implement VoIP the correct way….with QOS (Quality of Service).  Our calls are Crystal clear all the time and never drop a call!

Our offer is simple:  We took all the POSITIVES from our competition, removed all their NEGATIVES and created the VoipMyBiz.com offer:

  • Low monthly payments
  • No down payment
  • No Security deposit
  • Crystal clear calls
  • Never drop a call
  • Full service included
  • No maintenance agreement needed
  • Always updating software and hardware with no added cost to you
  • Keep existing phone numbers
  • No disruption of service to your business during change over
  • Top tier products used by Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and HP